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WPA 160

Non-Porous Primer


WPA 160 is a specialised, solvent free primer, designed
to enhance the adhesion of subsequently applied
waterproofing membranes, adhesives, toppings and
decorative finishes, over non-porous substrates. The unique
formulation ensures outstanding adhesion over difficult
too bond to surfaces and offers a safe and environmentally
friendly alternative to traditional methods of etching and
solvent based primers.

  • Solvent free, fast drying, non-tacky.

  • Suitable for bonding to a wide range of metals, plastics, glazed, smooth and dense surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion properties.

  • Time saving, simplified application.

  • Suitable for internal and external applications.

  • Can be directly covered with waterproofing membranes, tile adhesives, mortars and paints.



WPA 160
Data Sheet
WPA 160
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