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Knowledge sharing and training are major issues in the construction industry, particularly to ensure the industry’s future and train future generations. Waterproofing Products Australia is committed to continuous product and methodology improvement, as well as applicator training, accreditation and development.

Waterproofing Products Australia are delighted to offer a wide variety of education and training programs to assist our customers and partners around the nation. In combination with our applicator training, WPA products and systems are designed to meet the needs of construction’s most demanding waterproofing applications.

Our technical team customises training and learning to participants of varying skill levels to excel in the waterproofing industry.


Waterproofing Products Australia Accreditation Training focuses on both internal and external waterproofing, delivered in a two day course. Attendees will experience classroom learning and hands-on training with a strong, underlying theme of Building Code Requirements, Australian Standards and Safety.

Accreditation classes are held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney over a 2 month period, one class per month.

Final accreditation requires the successful assessment of at least two waterproofing applications on live building sites.



► Individual Accreditation Certificate

► Increased Business Opportunities

► Better Understanding of Systems

► Increased Productivity

► Application Techniques

► Transferable Industry Skills


The Waterproofing Products Australia Contractor Accreditation Training Program can take place throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia. Contact your local Bayset representative for regional booking availability.

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