WPA 560

Moisture Seal Two Part Water Based Epoxy Primer


WPA 560 Moisture Seal is a two part, water-based epoxy primer designed as a water and vapour proof coating under waterproofing membranes, ceramic tile adhesives*, levelling compounds* and timber floors. (*additional priming required).

  • Withstands hydrostatic head of water pressure up to 25 metres or 250kPa.

  • Complies with AS 4020:2005 “Products for use in contact with drinking water”.

  • Complies with ASTM E96 for water vapour transmission.

  • Convenient mixing ratio, 1:1 by volume.

  • Excellent adhesion to building substrates including concrete, fibre cement, all masonry surfaces and Scyon sheeting.

  • Water based and user friendly.