WPA Aqualay

WPA Aqualay

Waterproofing Sheet Membrane


WPA AQUALAY is an innovative, high performance, flexible, easy to implement new generation sheet waterproofing membrane system. The sheet itself consists of an EVAC core with a laminated non-woven geotextile fleece on either side of the central core. This unique system allows surface finishes including tiles, screeds, and topping to be installed within hours of the membrane installation. Due to the highly flexible central core it also provides anti-fracture properties by isolating overlaying finished substrates, surface cracks and defects.

  • Fast installation and drying time.

  • Suitable for direct installation of toppings, screeds, acoustic underlays and ceramics.

  • Provides an anti-fracture system against surface cracks.

  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal substrates.