Flexible Silane Modified Polymer Sealant


WPA MS is a single component, moisture cured silane modified hybrid sealant free of solvents and isocyanates, with a very low VOC content. When cured it forms a tough, flexible seal and bond, capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement.

  • Expansion/Contraction: 50% (±25%) as per ASTM C719.

  • Service temperature -50˚C to +120˚C.

  • Excellent weathering and UV resistance and colour stability.

  • Fast tack-free time and cure rate.

  • High bond strength.

  • Excellent adhesion to most materials including metals, concrete and brick

  • Paintable.

  • Resistant to fungal attack and does not support fungal growth.

Recommended uses:

  • Sealing of floor joints in trafficable areas, including roads and runways.

  • Sealing of vertical joints in precast concrete, brick, block work etc.

  • Pick resistant - prisons, cells, schools and public amenities.

  • Chemical resistant - service stations, hangers, aprons and bonded areas.

  • Perimeter sealing of door and window framing.

  • Adhesive for a wide range of building and construction applications.

  • Bond breaker/fillet sealant for use with selected waterproofing membranes from the WPA product range.